by Deborah Erenberg

Webcomics I love and fully recommend:


Bite Me(comedy,vampires)

Black Forest (werewolves)

Claviger (punk fairies, malevolent lancelot, scarves)

Compass(fantasy adventure, comedy)

L'il Mell(comedy, kids)


Antique White House - The Kennedy Tales(alternate history)

Ascent(fantasy, comedy)

Bang Barstal(desolate future, sci-fi/fantasy)

Digger(wombats, gods, hyenas, and snarkiness)

Magellan(superhero school)

Mnemesis(afterlife, comedy)

Non-adventures of Wonderella(comedy hero)

The Replacements(adventure, sci-fi)


Diesel Sweeties(love and robots)

Goats(nerds, geeks, evil chickens)

Scarygoround(british wackiness done by the best)



Clan of the Cats(fantasy, drama, witches, animorphs)

College Roomies From Hell(college humor crossed with sci-fi/fantasy)

El Goonish Shive(high school humor + sci-fi)

Friendly Hostility(comedy)

5ideways(fascinating surreal fantasy)

GPF(sci-fi workplace humor and adventure)

Goblins(comedy/action, characters in roleplaying adventure world)

Drifting Free on the Internet:

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja (mcninjas, ben franklin clones, raptor riding banditos...)

Cascadia(fantasy/adventure, beautiful art)

DiceBox(behold the future of multi-world migrant workers, beautiful art)

Family Man(historical, entertaining, and gorgeous)

Finder(oh, just find some of the books and buy them already)

Girl Genius(brilliant mad scientist adventures)


Girls With Slingshots(comedy, talking cacti)

It's Walky!(college humor became sci-fi adventure)

Joe Loves Crappy Movies(movie reviews in comic form!)

Jonny Crossbones(Tin Tin style adventure)

Kismet(sci-fi/fantasy, drama)

Little Dee(the most endearing yet smart and funny strip that should be in every newspaper ever)

Narbonic(completed mad scientist comedy)

No Rest for the Wicked(old children's stories living in the same black,white, and red world)

Octopus Pie(comedy, ducks, "baked" goods)

Penny and Aggie(high school melodrama)

Penny Arcade(even if you're not a gamer, believe me, it's still really funny)

PBF(non sequitur comedy, not for the weak of heart)

PVPonline(gamer magazine workplace comedy)

Punch 'n' Pie(comedy, Queen of Wands spin-off)

Queen of Wands(comedy/drama, completed series)

Questionable Content(comedy/melodrama, AI companions)

Rob and Elliot(pure-grade comedy)

Shortpacked(toy store retail comedy)

Sinfest(irreverent humor strip)

Sluggy Freelance (comedy,drama,adventure,fantasy/sci-fi, it has been many things over many years, often simultaneously)

Something Positive(humor and hatred merged into one divine being)

Templar, Arizona(comedy, disturbingly plausible fictional town)

The Unfeasible Adventures of Beaver and Steve(nonsensical and completely hilarious)

Wapsi Square(comedy/drama with a hearty helping of Pre-Columbian mysticism)

Why Me?(matchmaking fairy godmother comes to town, comedic wackiness ensues)

Wondermark(contemporary humor with victorian art)

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